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Jansen Service Conditions

Warranty Claims 1-6

1.        ALL warranty claims MUST have a copy of VALID PROOF OF PURCHASE WITHIN NEW ZEALAND attached, as per the JANSEN terms of trade and as outlined by the NZ Consumer Guarantees Act.  Any unit sent for warranty repair into JANSEN without proof of purchase attached will be billed at the standard JANSEN rates.

2.        A Warranty fault will not be assumed and accepted through customer analysis.  A Warranty fault will only be established once the item has been assessed by a Jansen technician.

3.        The warranty does not cover the cost of testing to find no fault.  Where no fault is found and the unit is functioning in accordance with the manufacturers specifications the service cost will be billed.

4.        Warranty claim repairs must be advised before the repair is completed.  Warranty claims after the unit has been repaired will not be honoured.

5.        Freight expense to and from JANSEN is not covered by the warranty.  Freight costs will be billed.

6.        Warranty repairs do not cover loss of income or hire expense.  Warranty claims are limited to the cost of repair or replacement of the faulty item.  Replacement will be at the discretion of JANSEN

7.        ALL faulty items, including warranty repairs, require a Return number or a pre advice before being returned to JANSEN.  Email service@jansen.co.nz before returning any item.

8.        Any unit received at JANSEN without a Return number or pre advice will be returned at the senders expense.

9.        Any unit received at JANSEN warehouse without a return address or details will be held here at JANSEN with no action taken. The unit will be discarded after six months of no contact.

10.     Service information required

·         Brand                                                                                                                                                             

·         Model                                                                                                                                                             

·         Serial Number                                                                                                                                                

·         Description of Fault                                                                                                                                       




11.     Faults described as “NOT WORKING” or “NO GO” will not suffice and may result in the repair not commencing.

12.     JANSEN is not able to accurately quote for repairs.  If a quote is requested a minimum charge of $100 + GST + Freight being 1 hour service labour must be paid before the quote is commenced.  If the fault cannot be diagnosed within the 1 hour the customer will be advised and the quote cost NOT refunded.  If JANSEN is supplied with a maximum value that the customer wishes to spend on a repair then we will ensure this amount is not surpassed.  This amount excludes any mark-up that a dealer may add to the value of the repair.  Please be aware this may result in a unit being returned in a non repaired state if we cannot repair it within the maximum set figure.

13.     JANSEN aims to turn repairs around within 14-21 working days, dependent on parts availability.  The current charge rate for repairs is $100.00 + GST per hour plus freight, or part thereof with a minimum charge of $100.00 + GST + freight.  Weekend and Urgent repairs are billed at $200.00+ GST per hour plus freight, or part thereof, with a minimum charge of $200.00 + GST + freight.

14.      All repairs warranty or otherwise with a final diagnosis being NO FAULT FOUND attract an hourly charge being the time spent testing for all potential faults.

15.     All communication regarding service will be conducted in writing with the consignor of the goods only. JANSEN will not communicate with any 3rd party including the owner of the goods if the goods have been consigned through a dealer or any other trade person.

16.      All service enquiries are to be directed to service@jansen.co.nz  Phone calls to Jansen concerning repairs will be directed to service@jansen.co.nz