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Me-1 Personal Monitor

Easy to use
Intuitive operation with backlit keys, soft rotary and screen
Easy to view in the dark
Mix up to 40 sources
Built in local mic to add stage sound
Stereo Aux input for local source
Headphones, earpiece and mono TRS outputs
Inputs - Level, Pan, Solo, Mute, Trim All
Groups - Can adjust Level and Pan of each source within a group
Master - Level, Mute, 3-band EQ, Limiter
Rotaries - Independent local mic and mix masters, soft rotary
Assign as few or as many of the 16 keys as you need:
Assign from 1-44, Group, Aux input, or leave unassigned
Stereo sources use single key, no keys wasted
Up to 16 Groups each with up to 44 sources
Preset store/recall may be enabled or disabled per key
Each key may be named or pick up the source name from A&H mixer
16 presets store source levels, pan, mutes, key and group assignments
The Config stores all settings and presets
Transfer Config via USB to PC or other units
Transfer individual presets between units via USB
Pin number lock option for setup, store, group edit and standby
Daisy chain via CAT5 (uses external power unit) or
Use standard Ethernet hub (can use external unit or PoE)
Can be free standing or recessed into a plinth
Can mount on top or side of mic stand
Includes hook for hanging headphones or earpieces
Stand Bracket AB8999

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A&H 40 Channel Personal Monitor Mixer

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