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Remote dLive DX expander hub
The DX Hub audio networking hub (DX-HUB) is a remote audio networking hub that can be connected to any Allen & Heath dLive fitted with a gigaACE I/O module. It provides 4 DX Link ports each carrying 32×32 channels of 96kHz audio, that can be used to connect to dLive DX expander units.

1 DX32 or up to 2 DX168/DX164-W expanders can be connected to each DX Link port allowing up to 128 remote inputs and 64 remote outputs to be added to the dLive system per DX Hub module. 2 DX Hub modules can be used for a dual redundant system.


4 DX Link ports for connection to DX Expanders
Locking etherCON connectors
Compatible with DX32, DX168 and DX164 audio expanders
32×32 audio channels (96kHz) per DX Link port
Cat5e connection (<100m) to gigaACE I/O option module
Freestanding or 19” rack-mounted operation
Optional rack mount kit

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A&H dLive Remote DX expander hub

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