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24 Mic/Line 3 Stereo Line 4FX 2 Stereo Groups
Stereo Sub Groups
Qu-24 has two stereo sub groups with full processing and XLR outputs.

Stereo matrix
Two stereo matrix mixes are provided, with full processing and XLR outputs.

Fader automation
Qu-24 features 24 motorized ALPS faders arranged over 3 layers, allowing instant access to all channels and masters, plus a dedicated master fader which dynamically follows the mix selection.

Total Recall
Qu-24 harnesses the full potential of digital mixing technology, with total recall of settings (including fader position and preamp gain), up to 100 Scenes, per-scene and global Safes, and preset Library.

Qu-24 features 18 channels of 48kHz 24bit recording and playback straight into / from a USB hard drive, plus an independent stereo USB recorder. Patch bay is provided for selecting channels.

Touch Control
An 800x480 touchscreen forms the heart of the Qu-24 interface, providing super-fast access to all settings. Dedicated keys and screen tabs guide the user to meter and RTA views, FX racks, channel processing, USB audio control, scenes, setup menus and much more.

AnaLOGIQ preamps
Qu-24’s twenty four AnaLOGIQ recallable preamps feature zero crossing detection and an advanced padless 1dB step gain stage, closely allied to the DSP for optimal gain accuracy and audio transparency.

iLive FX
Qu-24 inherits the iLive series’ highly acclaimed suite of FX emulations and dynamics, with 4 stereo FX engines each with dedicated send bus and the additional returns to handle them without compromising on Input channels. FX units can be inserted on input & mix channels.

The dSNAKE expansion port allows connection to a remote AR2412 or AR84 AudioRack. Running on a single Cat5 cable, dSNAKE is A&H’s ultra-low latency, proprietary networking protocol.

ME Personal Mixing System
Qu-24 is fully compatible with our ME Personal Mixing System including ME-U. Any number of ME-1 mixers can be daisy-chained from the dSNAKE port or AR2412 AudioRack.

The free Qu-Pad iPad app connects to the mixer over Wi-Fi and gives instant access to all live mixing functions.

ARM processing
Qu-24 is equipped with 5 cores of ARM processing, with dedicated cores running the touchscreen display and surface, USB streaming, Qu-Drive technology, dSNAKE port and fader automation. Parallel processing delivers responsive control which results in instant-on operation.

Future-proofed DSP power
Qu-24’s DSP farm exploits next-generation dual core DSPs, with 8 cores dedicated to the channel and mix processing. With so much power under the hood, Qu-24 is future-proofed, with ample room for updates.

All key parameters are presented in a clean, 1-knob-per-function layout on the SuperStrip, with the touchscreen giving a clear overview of the channel and instant access to on-screen control of EQ, preamp, gate etc.

USB Audio Interface
Qu-24’s built-in multichannel interface streams 32 signals to a Mac, including the 18 sent to QU-Drive, plus 14 individually assignable from any source inc FX returns. 30 Returns can be assigned to the Mono channels plus ST1/3. The interface is Core Audio compliant on Mac OS X.

DAW control
Enhanced DAW control is now provided with dedicated Mac application for integrating with ProToolsTM

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A&H QU24 Digital Mixer

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