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Bronze Alloy Hand Hammered Hand Polished
The most important features of Doublet cymbals are they’re partly lathed from the middle of the cymbals, from the bell they are hammered and not lathed. That’s why we can get different tones from the cymbal. They have the optimum tone for Fusion, Rock and Pop music. These are the cymbals that can be used for lower frequencies as well as high and middle frequencies. Aside all these, Doublet series offer you a highly controlled sound diversity compared to other series.

DOUBLET SERIES – Splash Cymbals

DOB 08 SPL 08”Splash
DOB 10 SPL 10”Splash
DOB 12 SPL 12”Splash

DOUBLET SERIES – Crash Cymbals

DOB 14 CRH 14”Crash
DOB 15 CRH 15”Crash
DOB 16 CRH 16”Crash
DOB 17 CRH 17”Crash
DOB 18 CRH 18”Crash
DOB 19 CRH 19”Crash
DOB 20 CRH 20”Crash


DOB 20 RDE 20”Ride
DOB 21 RDE 21”Ride
DOB 22 RDE 22”Ride
DOB 20 RDE 20”Custom Ride


DOB 12 RHHT 12”Regular Hi-Hat
DOB 13 RHHT 13”Regular Hi-Hat
DOB 14 RHHT 14”Regular Hi-Hat

DOUBLET – China Cymbals

DOB 14 CNA 14”China
DOB 16 CNA 16”China
DOB 18 CNA 18”China
DOB 20 CNA 20”China

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Anatolian Cymbal Crash 18" DOUBLET

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