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2 Ohm
Viewers can now feel all the excitement — impacts, special effects and bone-rattling bass. No special encoding is required.

ButtKicker® products are used in movie theaters, simulation rides, dance floors, 4D theaters, planetariums, science centers, amusement parks and attractions all over the world .
The ButtKicker requires a minimum of 400 watts and we recommend a maximum of 1500 watt

Designed specifically for musician monitoring, stage and studio use, the ButtKicker Concert low frequency audio transducer is used by over 100 of the world’s top touring groups - The Rolling Stones, Green Day, Shania Twain, Usher, Alanis Morissette, My Chemical Romance, Los Lonely Boys etc.

The ButtKicker is a patented 2 ohm low frequency transducer that features a 1.48 kg magnetically suspended piston. The ButtKicker Concert is musically accurate, provides powerful frequency response, is virtually indestructible, and requires no maintenance.

With a frequency response range of approximately 5Hz to 200Hz the ButtKicker Concert provides powerful tactile response without the sound pressure of a subwoofer. The ButtKicker Concert is an ideal solution of musical monitoring, especially when combined with an in ear monitoring system. Drummers, bass players, keyboardists, DJ’s, and many other musicians find that using the ButtKicker Concert as part of their monitoring system enables them to play tighter and better than they ever have before. The ButtKicker is ideal for recording studio use; providing the accurate and powerful low frequency response vital to great mixing and monitoring.

We recommend 1.5mm speaker wire for normal installations and 2.5mm wire for lengthy wire runs.

Dimensions: 5.375" H x 5.375" W
Frequency Response: 5 - 200 Hz
Weight: 5 kgs
Nominal Impedance: 2 ohms
Power Handling: 400 watts min. / 1500 watts max.
Piston Weight: 1.48 kg

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Buttkicker Concert

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