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BRIDGE Pickup Neodymium Bar
The XS 75 seeks to put you somewhere in between 'classic vintage' and 'modern'. Inspired by pickup designs of the 70s, the XS 75 is more forward and brighter than the classic 50s single coil design, but more laid back and with less output than our modern single coils... 70's rock & roll style single coil pickup with a twist. Hex pole piece pickup.

Guitar Style Strat
Pickup Type Single Coil
Position Bridge
DC Resistance (kOhm) 9,5
Pickup Colour White
Hum Cancelling No
Output High Power
Magnet Type Neodymium
Guitar strings number 6

UK guitar designer and pickup guru Alan Entwistle has over 30 years of research and experience of hand making custom pickups. His CV includes heading up Hohner’s UK based Custom Shop where he designed models including the JT60, Blond, Black Widow and Revelation. More recently, he has designed guitars for Alden and Tanglewood and his electronic circuit wizardry is being incorporated into selected Burns models.

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Entwistle XS75N Single Coil White Hexagonal Pole Piece

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