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Made in Germany
Strap Your Guitar or Bass on Securely! Best Strap locks ever made

Strap Lock System with 2 x 16mm LOXX Pins, 2 x LOXX Module Locking Heads, 2 x LOXX Module Washers, and LOXX Tool

Your guitar strap has never been so secure, with the LOXX strap lock system! The original design for the LOXX strap locks was invented in 1924 by Mr. Thomas Morton, as an innovative way to secure convertible car tops - and the innovative design is perfect for securing your guitar strap too! You get two 16mm LOXX pins, two LOXX locking heads and washers, a LOXX tool, and a manual. Installation is simple, and the LOXX system has easy, one-handed release and engagement - it can even resist pull-out force up to 220 lbs! It's never been so easy to slip your guitar or bass on and off as it is with the LOXX strap lock system.

LOXX Strap Lock System Features:

•Guitar or bass strap lock system
•Nickel finish
•Originally designed in 1924 to secure convertible tops to cars
•Smooth, rounded design won't scratch or damage your strap with sharp edges
•Dependable, long-term performance
•Works with virtually any guitar and strap combination
NOW 100% stainless steel Made in Germany

Lock your guitar or bass strap firmly in place with the LOXX strap lock system!

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Loxx Strap Locks Nickel Plated Stainless Steel

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