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Digital Switchmode Soft Start Limiters Protection PRC
The E Series is a range of lightweight, high-power switch mode amplifiers designed to the highest standards of reliability and sound quality. Developed for the touring market, E Series retain the sonic integrity of the benchmark MC and T Series amplifiers, without the physical weight.

The switch mode power supply is capable of delivering high peaks without any perceptible bass ‘sag’ at very low distortion and is kept within its safe operating area by the new, sophisticated MC² Audio ‘intelligent’ limiter. The E15, E25, E45 and E4-75 feature MC² Audio’s proprietary current driven output stages for ultra-high definition sound, delivered over the entire audio bandwidth.

The E90 and the E100 are Class D amplifiers designed to meet the demands for higher power with increased efficiency whilst still maintaining the renowned MC² Audio sonic qualities and unsurpassed reliability.


Number of channels 2
Output Power: (per channel)
8 ohms 2500W
4 ohms 4800W
2 ohms 8200W
Output Power: (bridged)
8 ohms 9600W
4 ohms 16400W
THD%: (@1dB below max output) @ 1kHz < 0.15% 20Hz to 20kHz < 0.5%
Gain / Sensitivity:
Gain 32/36/39dB
Sensitivity (for max power) +13/9/6dBu (3.5/2.2/1.5V)
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz (+/- 1.0dB)
Power Consumption:
Nominal @ 240v into 4 ohms 5.6A
Nominal @ 120v into 4 ohms 11.2A
Dimensions: (2U) (mm)
Amplifier 88(h) x 482(w) x 428(d)
Single Box (UK shipping) 230 x 580 x 560
Double Box (outside UK) 250 x 610 x 600
Amplifier 11.8kg
Boxed (shipping weight) 13.8kg

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MC2 Power Amp 2 x 4500W @ 4 Ohm 16000 Watt Bridged 2U

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