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Digital Switchmode Soft Start Limiters Protection PRC
Now shipping, the MC2 E100 is the new flagship amplifier in the manufacturer’s E Series, and MC2’s first 4-channel proprietary class-D switch mode model – its most powerful yet.
The E100 is intended to run cool in even the most challenging live sound environments, delivering 2,800W into 4-ohms from a 2U, 11.8kg chassis. Included within the design are a number of proprietary technologies including a Hybrid Dual Loop Feedback system (HDLF), an Active Energy Steering Circuit(AESC), and a new Power Reduction Circuit(PRC), which acts as a power control limiter on each channel and the main power supply. Custom drive circuitry and magnetic components are also integral, ensuring high power, low impedance operation.
Crucially, the E100 was conceived to run 2-ohm loads, delivering power in excess of 3,500W from each of its four channels, facilitating its use in bass applications and allowing bridging of a pair of channels down to 4-ohms. When a pair of channels are bridged via the rear panel switches, the amplifier can offer 7,400W at 4-ohms and over 5,300W into 8-ohms.
Further features include thermal limiting, a comprehensive front panel display and optional gain settings of 26dB, 32dB and 36dB on each channel
Number of channels 4
Output Power: (per channel)
8 ohms 1400W
4 ohms 2800W
2 ohms 3700W
Output Power: (bridged)
8 ohms 5300W
4 ohms 7400W
THD%: (@1dB below max output)
@ 1kHz < 0.08%
20Hz to 20kHz < 0.15%
Gain / Sensitivity:
Gain 26/32/36dB
Sensitivity (for max power) +16/10/6dBu
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz
(+/- 0.5dB)
Power Consumption:
Nominal @ 240v into 4 ohms 7.0A
Nominal @ 120v into 4 ohms 14.0A
Dimensions: (2U) (mm)
Amplifier 88(h) x 482(w) x 428(d)
Single Box (UK shipping) 230 x 580 x 560
Double Box (outside UK) 250 x 610 x 600
Amplifier 11.8kg
Boxed (shipping weight) 13.8kg

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MC2 Power Amp 4 x 2800W@4 Ohms 2U

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