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TRL constant voltage (70V/ 100V) transformers are especially apt for SPARK, TFLVT and EDGE series speakers installations. The TRL transformers are available in three models suitable for the widest range of application. The TRL150.4 model features 4 autotransformers with 150W input power each. The TRL300.2 model features 2 autotransformers with 300W input power each. The TRL600.2 model, feature 2 autotransformers with 600W input power each. The TPR series perfectly couples with the PRL power amplifiers (for example, a TRL150.4 transformer connected to two PRL600 power amplifiers, or a TRL300.2 transformer with a PRL950 amplifier, or a TRL600.2 transformer with a PRL1400 amplifier).

Technical Specifications
System type: Constant voltage transformersAutotransformers: 4
Nominal input power: 4 x 150W
Nominal input impedance: 4 ohm / 8 ohm
Constant voltage output: 70V/100V
Rack Units: 2U
Dimensions (W x H x D): 44 x 8.8 x 32 cm
Weight:13.4 lb

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Proel 19" Rack 100V Transformer 4 x 150W 2U

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