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Professional network cable Cat6 S-UTP 4x2xAWG23/1, with pairs twisted together around a unique inner filler to maintein electrical characteristics. featuring braided copper shiedl between two jackets. Particurarly indicated for mobile use applications. Outer jacket made by polyurethane.


Application fields: Patch cords and link cables for Ethernet connections
Conductors: 23 AWG - Solid bare copper wires - 0.57mm approax
Insulation: Polyolefin dielectric - 0 1,00 mm approx
1st Shield: Mylar overlapping foil 100%
Jacket: Black PVC compound - Ø 6.2 mm approax
2nd Shield: Tinned copper braid coverage 80%
Outer Jacket: Polyurethane compound Ø 8.0 mm approax
Colour: Matt Black
Electrical resistance: 70 Ohm/Km (conductor) @ 20°C
Electrical capacitance: 76 pF/mt (cond./cond.) @1 KHz
Operating temperature: -40°C/+80°C
Weight: 86 Kg/Km
Minimum bending radius: 10 mm x overall diameter
Packaging: custom packaging

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Proel Bulk LAN Cable CAT6 4 Pair Foil Shield Long Run

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