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3 Band EQ HPF 48V Inserts Stereo USB Interface
XB-142 offers a host of specialised broadcast features that normally come at a much higher price, including telephone communication (telco) channels, mic channel ON switch sensing, stereo channel start/cue outputs for playback device control, automatic muting of speaker outputs and much more.

XB-142 incorporates new features and styling based on feedback from the many broadcasters who have built their operations around the original XB-14. With a wealth of routing options, dual stereo channels for up to 7 stereo sources, and the addition of a dedicated Audition bus, enhanced microphone preamps and stereo channel gain range, XB-142 satisfies the demands of small radio and internet broadcasters as well as larger studios with multiple rooms. With no less than 27 logic I/O for remote control and 15 configuration switches, XB-142 is a highly flexible solution.


4 mic/line channels
4 Dual Source stereo channels
2 Telco channels
HPF and 3-band, swept mid EQ on mono channels
2-band EQ on stereo channels
Variable high pass / low pass filters on Telco channels
Smooth-ride 100mm faders
2-stage, padless pre-amp design
Fader-start sensing on mono channels
Start/cue logic outputs on stereo channels
External meter socket
Separate headphones mix for engineer/producer and 2 guests
Auto mutes on control room outputs
Remote mute facility on mic channels
Configurable USB stereo audio in/out
Audition bus for auditioning and off-air recording
Aux and separate stereo busses for processing/recording
XLR main outputs with inserts
Input signal and peak metering

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XB14 19" Broadcast Mixer 4 Mono+2 Phone+4 Stereo Aux

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