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4 x 1 Split 2 Out Video/Audio 3 x 1+1 VGA IR Out x 2 PC
System composition: Economical integrated control, 26 programmable panel buttons, centralized control system, matrix, control panel and power supply functions and integration, is the most economical solution for multimedia classrooms
Video input port: 4 video inputs
Video output port: 2 parallel outputs of the same AV signal
Other output ports: 2 VGA outputs
Power input: AC100V/220V option
Power output: 2 strong output

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Product introduction: Fast PC-1200 standard accessories: 2 infrared emission rods, 2 infrared emission rods, 1 product manual, 1 CD, including product manual electronic documents and programming software, 1 set of wire required to install PC-1200 Other input ports: 3 VGA input, COM port: 1 DB9 male port, infrared IR port: 2 F3.5 ports

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Creator AV Education Controller+Matrix Programmable

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